Sunday, 14 July 2013

Book festivals rule

I'm delighted to have been asked to take part in the Bookmarks Festival 2013, which takes place in Helmdon in Northants on Sunday, 25th August and is run by Peter and Maddi. I'll be on with Alison McQueen and Garry O’Connor, and we'll be reading from our books and answering questions in a joint session afterwards.

As I'm sure Alison and Gary have, I've been on many of these sessions in other parts of the country, and it's always great fun because it allows us to talk about what we do (most authors love it) and allows readers to throw questions at us and find out how we go about producing a book. That usually involves questions about the various elements involved, from ideas, to research, to planning (not a heck of a lot in my case), to characterisation, pace, tension, bum-on-seat writing... and editing.

Editing is the hardest, but one I find enjoyable because it's where the book really starts to take shape. From the initial rush of getting the words on the page, it's where you begin to fine-tune everything. This usually means throwing out the unnecessary and finding that you've got a bit of a hole in the plot. But that's good, because it's far better to find it then than have somebody point it out afterwards.

Anyway, if you fancy a day out at a FREE festival (I'll repeat that - FREE!) - then get yourself aimed at the south midlands near Silverstone and come visit Helmdon. We'll all be delighted to see you - and even more delighted to have you ask questions. And if you fancy your hand at writing, there are even TWO free competitions (see here for details).

Helmdon, Northants - 25th August. Make it a date.

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