Monday, 20 May 2013

Spies and Stuff

I'm always interested in writings about spies, whether fictional or otherwise. And with the recent capture by the Russian FSB of a supposed CIA man in a wig, it shows that fiction is not always as outlandish as we might think, because fact can nearly always top it!

Anyway, a couple of sites I always find of interest are: Permission to Kill - run by David J Foster -  which gives the spy lowdown on films, music, TV and books, whether good, bad or in-between , and Spy Guys and Gals, run by Randall Masteller. Randall's site includes a great list of authors and characters, and if you can recall the name but not the writer (or vice-versa), this is a very useful and interesting place to go.

To the man in the wig... it really didn't look good.

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