Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Signed Copies for pre-order.

I spent a pleasant signing session yesterday at Goldsboro Books in London's Cecil Court ( with Mia, the owner's border terrier, sitting at my feet), adding my moniker to virginal copies of 'Execution' - (see top left) - officially out on 31st May. Met Aly ('Black Bear') Monroe, also signing, narrowly missed Bill ('Twelfth Department') Ryan, who was having his launch later, then had lunch with David Headley, the co-owner (and my agent - not only does he sell the books, but he... sells the books, if you see what I mean), and went window shopping. Bought an item of jewellery in Bond Street (ok, settle down, only name-dropping), stopped for coffee, did a bit of visual research for the next book, then headed home.

It reminded me that sitting in front of a keyboard all day is not a default position and I need to get out more. Today, of course, back at the keyboard. Oh, and coffee later with Lee,  a writer friend.

Hey-ho. Probably a good thing I don't do this every day.

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