Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Doing it For Yourself

'Beginners' - May issue - Writing Magazine

Publishing Options

My monthly gig writing the 'Beginners' page of Writing Magazine is mostly confined to the job of writing (getting bum on seat and doing it). I find nothing else works quite as well, unless someone out there has a zen approach to writing which they might like to share.

This month, however, I decided to rock the boat a little and suggest that, if you've tried all other routes (ie - through what is being called legacy publishing, whether via an agent or direct), and got nowhere, well, there are other ways open to you, such as ebook publishing.

Essentially, you can now do your own thing via Kindle or Smashwords and others, for free, and retain greater control over what you do. Cover, layout, price, content, marketing - it's all up to you. And you can earn a bigger royalty, too.

Of course, there are some critics (mostly within the publishing business), who decry the whole shooting match. But the world is changing. And like the music business a few years ago, the publishing world is finding people doing their own thing - and no longer dependent on others giving them the green light.

I can't reproduce the text of my piece in Writing Magazine here, as they are a print-only publication. But the important thing is, if you go down the self-ebooking route, edit, edit, edit. Nothing puts off a reader more than lazy writing. And if you want readers to come back to you, do yourself - and them - a favour, and do a professional job.

By the way, I'm not the first to suggest this; many more illustrious and successful authors than I have been there and done it already. And they're making it work.


  1. Good stuff, Adrian. Looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

    ~ Ian

  2. Thank you, Ian. I shall do me best to sound interesting.